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If a website does not appear in the course of a general search for the products or services it hosts, then in essence that website does not exist. Considering the intense competition online, websites have to be readily accessible to their target consumers. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is among the foremost requirements for a successful online business.

SEO and other optimization strategies (such as White Hat technique) will elevate your ranking in search results and significantly increase the potential success and Return on Investment of your business. Two important components of Web Optimization are keyword-rich content and link popularity.


Email marketing comes in high on our list of recommendations for small to medium size businesses because it WORKS. A well planned and properly executed email campaign has the ability to produce higher rates of engagement and user action than a similar social campaign.email

Regardless of the industry, studies across the board point to email marketing as the tactic that produces the highest return on marketing dollars invested.

ExactTarget.com's 50 Email Marketing Tips and Stats for 2014 reported that marketers received an average return of investment of $44.25 for every $1 spent on email marketing!

Not only is email marketing effective, it's also desired. The marketing professionals at MarketingProfs.com shared data from a Message Systems study that found for nearly 1/3 of all consumers, email is the communication channel they prefer when it comes to marketing.

However, email can be a difficult medium to master for most business owners, particularly small to medium businesses. From subject lines to the best days of the week and times to send, there are hundreds of variables that affect the success or failure of a given email campaign. With so many elements to consider, it can be overwhelming and too time consuming for business owners.

Let CASH COW SEM help you bring in more business by managing your targeted email campaign from start to finish!

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Cash Cow Marketing specializes in developing unique websites. We have a proven track record of designing sites that generate inquiries and references. Our designs are based on a thorough understanding of our clients' objectives, a careful analysis of the challenges faced, and creative, innovative, success-substantiated solutions. Our custom-designed websites will offer you the best return on investment (ROI).web-design

Our service is personal – we will work with your specific budget, goals, expectations, and circumstances when making recommendations.

Our goal is to create the product that uniquely represents you and as such, stands out from the competition.

Our designers provide:

Original Website Design or Re-Design - No templates

Photoshop, Swish

Web 4.0 Standard xHTML, CSS

Website Maintenance, Update and Support

"Social media is NOT an option! Businesses must integrate social media into their marketing plan.
It will be expected and will hinder sales if they do not."
-Social Media Trends & Predictions of 2014


Mobile phone application development has witnessed new heights. From being mere talking tools, mobile phones have metamorphosed into sophisticated computing devices. The latest phones in the market come integrated with Internet technology and advanced computing features. Many innovative applications are now independently developed for such phones. Tablet technology has also become an integral part of mobiles phones, rendering interpersonal and inter-device communication extremely easy.


Cross platform mobile apps

Affordable to small businesses and start ups


Experts in delivering mobile applications

Cost-effective rates


Huge marketing potential

New revenue opportunities

"1.2 billion people worldwide used mobile apps by the end of 2012, forecast to grow approximately 30% each year reaching 4.4 billion users at the end of 2017"


Social media is the most challenging channel for a brand to manage. Marketers may have had control of brand's digital body in the past, but networking technology and new algorithm's are passing more of that power into the hands of followers each day. Social media now is in charge of every bit of communications from marketing to branding, PR, customer service, analytics, damage control and much more.social

Why use Social Media?

Your target audience is using it

Builds Your Sphere of influence

Word of mouth marketing

Google counts social sharing when ranking

Social Media Networking sites have high Page Rank

Aids Customer Service

Brand Exposure

"Social media is NOT an option! Businesses must integrate social media into their marketing plan.
It will be expected and will hinder sales if they do not."
-Social Media Trends & Predictions of 2014